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We have been learning about Body Systems and how to keep healthy and fit. We have discovered that your heart is the size of your fist and that as you grow, so does your heart. One of your lungs is slightly smaller so as to make room for your heart. One amazing discovery is that adults have 206 bones in the body and babies have 350. These bones join up together as the baby grows to make larger bones. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Blood has white and red cells . There is so much to learn and discover about our bodies and we are now looking at ways to keep all these things in good working order. We are really enjoying this Inquiry Unit.

We are working at publishing our stories on computer and have our own folders to save our work. This has been a bit hard for some of us but with practice we will become really good at it.

All of us have started the Premier’s Reading Challenge where we have to read 30 books by August and if we getthrough all the books we get a special certificate from the Premier of our state and we all get our names in the paper.

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