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Our Busy Days


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We have been very busy since the start of Semester 2. Our inquiry ” Faster ,Higher , Stronger” the Olympics-2012 in London has been a very exciting time for us with lots to discover and research. We have researched the history of the Olympics – Ancient and Modern, now know where London is and have learned about the mascots- Wenlock and Mandeville. Did you know that they were made from the last piece of steel used when they were finishing the new stadium in Stratford?

We had a mini Olympics at school and had lots of fun doing many activities with the rest of the school. We have thrown the javelin (using straws), thrown the discus ( using paper plates) and we have made yachts which we are going to race. we also made Olympic torches.

Other highlights have been a visit from Tamsin Lewis’ coach to tell us all about coaching in athletics. Sebastian brought in a real torch from the Sydney games in 2000. This was used by his Aunt who is a great sportsperson in Taekwondo. We also got a personal message from Ian Thorpe , famous Australian swimmer telling us to enjoy the games. It has been a great inquiry so far and look forward to following events in the Paralympics. Piers has a relation who is competing in the bike racing . He has no legs. We wish him good luck in his races.

It has been a great time so far in Junior M.

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