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We have had a very exciting time this term learning about how to care for our environment and learning lots about plant life. Did you know that some seeds need heat like, bush fires, to burst open and grow? The seeds burst open and drop onto the earth and start  growing. We also discovered that some seeds grow far away from the plants because they have been blown away with the wind and taken by animals in their fur.

One very special experiment we are doing is observing seed cups. We needed :1 clear plastic cup , kitchen paper to absorb water and 5 dried peas. We lined the cup with paper and placed the peas between the paper and the cup and added water. We then left it on the classroom bench to see what would happen. All our seeds ( peas ) changed at different rates. Some now have very long roots and lovely green stems. Maybe after a while we might get juicy pea pods. What do you think? We also discovered that the peas without water did not grow and the ones without sun are finding it very hard to grow. We have learnt a lot and have really enjoyed this Inquiry unit. Do you think you would have enjoyed it as much as we did? We think so.

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Hello Juniors!
I think your inquiry sounds very exciting and I think you will learn and find out a lot of things that you didnt know!I hope you have fun and enjoy this terms inquiry!

Hannah! (SG)

Hello Juniors,
It is great to hear that you enjoyed the growing of plants.
Understanding about growing plants is important to people who grow food for us to eat.
What conditions help plants to grow the best?
What has your experiment and observations helped you decide about this?

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