Thoughts On Our Seniors Lunch


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At lunch on Friday I helped make sandwiches. First we put on the cloths. Then I put on gloves. Then I grated carrot. Some fell in one of my gloves. It was fun.  Ben

On Friday the Juniors at St Lukes invited the Senior Parishioners to lunch to celebrate and finish our inquiry: FOOD. First we made salad sandwiches, then we served some pumpkin soup. After that we did the Locomotion, which is our concert this year. We then went and had our own lunch. When it was time to go back, we said some final words then went back to class. It had been a busy day, a really busy day. Will H

Last Friday was the Senior’s Lunch. We met new people and we made food for them. It was fun. The most embarassing thing was the dance. I had a great time. Then it was Junior KF’s turn. They made fruit salad. We made salad sandwiches. I had a fantastic time and they enjoyed it. Do you like to dance? Jake

On Friday it was the Senior’s Lunch. We made food. The other class made Fruit Salad and we made Salad Sandwiches. All the grades did a song. At the start the Mums gave out Pumpkin Soup. Akuac.

On Friday it was Senior’s Lunch.  We set the tables and then we made sandwiches.  I made two salad sandwiches with carrot, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, ham and chicken.  The Mum’s gave out the pumpkin soup.  Then we gave out the sandwiches.  Next we did the Locomotion. It is a song and dance.  We cleaned the tables.  We went back to class. We had lunch early and then we went back to the hall.  We cleaned up the fruit salad.  I loved it.  Hamish

On Friday Junior M and Junior KF mde lunch for the Seniors’. We made sandwiches and Junior KF made fruit salad.  The Mum’s served the soup.  Junior M served sandwiches and Junior KF served fruit salad.  We did the Locomotion.  Do you know how to dance?  Sienna T

On Friday it was a busy day because the Juniors’ did Seniors’ Lunch.  Junior M did a dance it is called the Locomotion.  Junior M served salad sandwiches.  It was fun.  Do you know the song Locomotion? Jacob

On Friday we did lunch for the Senior parishoners.  Junior M made two sandwiches each.  We put some ham and cheese and tomato and lettuce and cucumber in them.  We served our sandwiches.  Junior KF served some soup.  Junior M took the soup plates back.  We all did our dance it was called the Locomotion.  We did a good job.  It was fun.  Do you wish you were there?  Jennifer

On Friday At school we had a very busy day. We invited the senior parishioners to have lunch with us. We made sandwiches with lettuce,tomato,ham chicken and grated carrot. We served pumpkin soup and fruit salad.We served. It was fun.We did our school production item called Locomotion. Then we went back to class. We talked to the guests and read some facts about what we have been learning. It was scary but fun. Then it was finished. It was a good experience. Do you wish you were there?  Natasha

At the Senior’s lunch we did the Locomotion. Can you dance? I love dancing. Raphael 

We served lunch for the senior’s We made sandwiches and fruit salad and both grades did dancing but not at the same time. We decorated the hall and cleaned up.We did it because we are learning about food. We had a busy day but a good one. What is your favourite food?

We made lunch. We made sandwiches and fruit salad. We used lettuce, cucumber, carrot ham and tomato. They were yum. I think the Seniors enjoyed too. Aly

We helped make sandwiches and fruit salad. I put tablecloths on the tables and we decorated the hall. We made menus. We cleaned up the mess I hope they enjoyed it . What would be your favourite thing to make? Keira.

Which food would you like best ? We had lots of fun.

We set the tables and put on table cloths and flowers. It was fun and exciting . I like flowers on the table . Do you? Hannah






Senior Parishioner’s Lunch


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This Friday June 21st Junior M and Kf are hosting a luncheon for the Senior parishioners. This is our action to finish our unit on helthy eating and good food. We are preparing and serving some exciting things to eat, Pumpkin Soup, Salad Sandwiches, Fruit Salad with Cream, Tea, Coffee and Biscuits. We hope they enjoy it. We are really looking forward to it. Some mums are coming to help us prepare the food. It should be a really good day. We will post some photos after and tell you all about it.

Artists at work. Temporary art in the Junior grades.


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We used lots of different types of fruit and vegetables to make pictures. We used potatoes , apples, beans, carrots , cuuliflower, brussel sprouts, bread , rice and lots more. We were very pleased with our pictures. What do you think?

Temporary food art on PhotoPeach

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