Artists at work. Temporary art in the Junior grades.


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We used lots of different types of fruit and vegetables to make pictures. We used potatoes , apples, beans, carrots , cuuliflower, brussel sprouts, bread , rice and lots more. We were very pleased with our pictures. What do you think?

Temporary food art on PhotoPeach

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Hi Junior M!

I love your food art – it looks good enough to eat! How very clever to create pieces of art that are made from food. I think the Preps will love seeing your creations tomorrow.
Keep up the great work.

From Mrs Kennedy.

Hi Juniors,
your food art is fantastic. How creative you all are. The different foods have such a variety of colours and textures which you have used in so many creative ways.
Did you get to eat your art as well?
Thanks for sharing your artworks with us.
Mrs Gridley

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