Our Inquiry about the Environment


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We have had a very exciting time this term learning about how to care for our environment and learning lots about plant life. Did you know that some seeds need heat like, bush fires, to burst open and grow? The seeds burst open and drop onto the earth and start  growing. We also discovered that some seeds grow far away from the plants because they have been blown away with the wind and taken by animals in their fur.

One very special experiment we are doing is observing seed cups. We needed :1 clear plastic cup , kitchen paper to absorb water and 5 dried peas. We lined the cup with paper and placed the peas between the paper and the cup and added water. We then left it on the classroom bench to see what would happen. All our seeds ( peas ) changed at different rates. Some now have very long roots and lovely green stems. Maybe after a while we might get juicy pea pods. What do you think? We also discovered that the peas without water did not grow and the ones without sun are finding it very hard to grow. We have learnt a lot and have really enjoyed this Inquiry unit. Do you think you would have enjoyed it as much as we did? We think so.

Grade 1/2 Junior M


Twilight Sports on Monday


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On Monday, we had school sports and it was a very hot day but we all had a great time . We did hurdles, bean bag toss, long jump andbaton relay. We also did running races and cheered on our teams. Some Senior runners were very fast. Red won with the most points at the end of the night. We had sausages and bread for tea.

Sports night was a big night for all of us….. Will H.

It was great fun. ………Jacob

Sports night was exciting and congratulations to all of the teams for doing their best…….Keira

There were lots of fun activities at sports night……Jake

Cricket Training


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On Friday we had a cricketer come to school an teach us skills to help play better cricket. Even the girls enjoyed it. It was great fun. Do you play cricket?

My Dad


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My Dad is funny and tall and workshard and watchesover and is important from Akuac.

My Dad is special because he loves me and makes Mum coffees.  Seb.

The best Dad in the world is my Dad . He is hilarious and funny every day . Molly

My Dad is special. He gives me hugs and he is funny. Brandon

I love my super special Da d because he is loving caring and funny. Natalie

I love my Dad because he always supports me .He makes me score goals in soccerand he encourages me to go for new stuff.  Zac

My lovely Dad is kind and he is very very special. Matthew

I love my Dad because he is loving and kind and he plays with me . James

The best Dad in the world is my Dad because he gives me hugs and kisses . He is smart and tall but most of all he’s Awesome and of course I love him a lot. Lauren

I love Dad because he gives me hugs and kisses.I love my Dad because he is special to me and he is kind and supports me. Alex

I love my Dad because he gets special stuff for my birthday. He works hard and is sporty special and kind . Natalia.

My Daddy is the best Daddy in the whole entire  Worldbecaues he gives me treats. When I go to bed he gives me hugs and kisses and he is special. Sienna.

I love my Dad because he is smart, tall, awesome, special and also he is funny and he lets me buy stuff that I want. I like playing basketball with him in the garden . I love my Dad. Angelo

I love my Dad because he is kind and he tickles me and plays games with me. Ava

I love my Dad because he plays with me and he goes on the trampoline. Jacob

I love my Daddy because he is the best Dad anyone could ever have. I love him and he loves me back. He is sooo awesome and to me. I LOVE MY DAD ! Will

I love my dad because he is funny, kind, plays games with me and tickles me. He is very special. Jessica

My Dad is the best!!! He is Special and smart and I love him. My Dad also plays with me and he supports me at basketball and we win. Dylan

Book Week Parade!


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Our Busy Days


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We have been very busy since the start of Semester 2. Our inquiry ” Faster ,Higher , Stronger” the Olympics-2012 in London has been a very exciting time for us with lots to discover and research. We have researched the history of the Olympics – Ancient and Modern, now know where London is and have learned about the mascots- Wenlock and Mandeville. Did you know that they were made from the last piece of steel used when they were finishing the new stadium in Stratford?

We had a mini Olympics at school and had lots of fun doing many activities with the rest of the school. We have thrown the javelin (using straws), thrown the discus ( using paper plates) and we have made yachts which we are going to race. we also made Olympic torches.

Other highlights have been a visit from Tamsin Lewis’ coach to tell us all about coaching in athletics. Sebastian brought in a real torch from the Sydney games in 2000. This was used by his Aunt who is a great sportsperson in Taekwondo. We also got a personal message from Ian Thorpe , famous Australian swimmer telling us to enjoy the games. It has been a great inquiry so far and look forward to following events in the Paralympics. Piers has a relation who is competing in the bike racing . He has no legs. We wish him good luck in his races.

It has been a great time so far in Junior M.

Healthy Me


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We have been learning about Body Systems and how to keep healthy and fit. We have discovered that your heart is the size of your fist and that as you grow, so does your heart. One of your lungs is slightly smaller so as to make room for your heart. One amazing discovery is that adults have 206 bones in the body and babies have 350. These bones join up together as the baby grows to make larger bones. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Blood has white and red cells . There is so much to learn and discover about our bodies and we are now looking at ways to keep all these things in good working order. We are really enjoying this Inquiry Unit.

We are working at publishing our stories on computer and have our own folders to save our work. This has been a bit hard for some of us but with practice we will become really good at it.

All of us have started the Premier’s Reading Challenge where we have to read 30 books by August and if we getthrough all the books we get a special certificate from the Premier of our state and we all get our names in the paper.

Hello world!


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